Friday, June 11, 2010

Rick Waugh campaigning hard against Cantor

Rick Waugh, the Democratic candidate for Congress in Virginia's 7th Congressional District, is campaigning hard against the incumbent Eric Cantor. Waugh has taken time away from his career as a social worker and counselor to campaign full time against Cantor.

This means 16-to-18 hour days on the road, criss-crossing the 7th District to speak to Democrats, Independents, and Republicans who are disappointed with Cantor's performance in Congress (there are more of these last than you might expect). Waugh is meeting with the people he'd like to make his constituents anywhere he can: coffee shops, house parties, and community gatherings. Last night found Rick attending a fundraiser for the Fan Free Clinic sponsored by GayRVA.

Rick is running hard against Eric Cantor to give Virginians who live in the 7th Congressional District a real choice this year. Virginians in the 7th can vote for real representation in Congress, or they can vote for corporate shill Eric Cantor.

Rick Waugh has a new website up to support his campaign. If you'd like to show your support for Rick Waugh, you can use this link badge on your website:

Just copy and paste the text below into a post or your sidebar.

Make sure you visit Rick Waugh's new website and register to receive updates about what is sure to be an exciting race this year!

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