Monday, June 07, 2010

Quick Hits: Gaza Developments

Just a handful of quick links to stories related to the Gaza blockade and the flotilla that attempted to break the blockade.
1) Helen Thomas is retiring as the result of the backlash against her comments last week in which she said that Israelis should go back to Europe--Germany and Poland--a reference to the post-World War Two mass emigration of surviving European Jews to Israel.  Thomas has been a legendary member of the White House press corps and it is sad to see her depart under these circumstances, but it is probably for the best.  It has been increasingly clear that her own feelings about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have made it difficult for her to cover the story.
2) The blockade of Gaza wasn't really about weapons, it was about punishing the Gazans and squeezing Hamas.  It has succeeded in making Gazans miserable, but hasn't hurt Hamas.
3) The flotilla that tried to break the blockade has, for all intents, succeeded.  Egypt announced today that its border crossing with Gaza at Rafah will remain open.  The Israeli attempt to starve Hamas out of Gaza has failed--it's hard to say what the next step in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians will be.

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