Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Polls are closed in Virginia: primary results coming soon

Live from the New York Deli in lovely Carytown in Richmond, Virginia.

The polls have closed in Virginia, Georgia and South Carolina. I'll be watching the results roll in with you tonight. First beverage? Pabst Blue Ribbon draft. Dinner? A Reuben with fries.

One race that I am watching intently is the Virginia 1st Congressional District Republican primary. Why? It isn't even going to be close. Incumbent Rob Wittman is going to walk away with the nomination with a large margin. But how large? How many hard-core, bullet-box Tea Partyers are there in Virginia? This race is going to supply us with some answers to just how out-of-the-mainstream Virginia Republicans have become.

Catherine T. Crabill represents the very worst of the Tea Party, often openly advocating political violence. Rob Wittman, by contrast is--well, I hesitate to call any Republican a moderate these days--let's just say that Rob Wittman is nothing at all like Catherine T. Crabill and leave it at that.

I'm genuinely curious to see how many Republicans come out and vote for Crabill, before they arm themselves and take to the hills after suffering a crushing defeat tonight.

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