Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The northern Virginia wing of the GOP implodes

This one is dedicated to all the political reporters out there who keep predicting a Democratic bloodbath without bothering to factor in the damage the GOP is doing to itself every day.

Case in point: Herrity versus Fimian.

A few days ago we were told that the Republican convention in the 11th Virginia Congressional District was being cancelled . . . not because the GOP was afraid it was going to embarrass itself with self-destructive negative campaigning--no . . . no it was just to save money. After all, Republicans never go negative on themselves like bunch of cannibalistic hyenas . . .

Oops. Maybe you better read these two posts from today's blogosphere . . .

Someone drops the dime on Fimian to Ben Tribbett.

Turns out Herrity is a tax-raising bastard (you must, I say, you must read the comments to this post).

Honestly, I don't know how conservatives stand other conservatives.

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