Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The graph Eric Cantor doesn't want you to see

The Republican Party is still betting against the United States, trying to convince Americans that the GOP had nothing to do with creating the economic mess and that the U.S. economy isn't recovering.

Of course the reverse is true: Republicans created the economic mess under the leadership of Bush, Cheney, Hastert, DeLay, and Cantor. All of those failed leaders are gone, except for Cantor. The economy is recovering and President Obama's stimulus package is responsible for much of that growth. One Republican leader more than any other opposed the stimulus: Eric Cantor.

In fact the only stimulus or recovery bill Eric Cantor ever bothered to support was the one that bailed out the bank where his wife works. I guess charity begins at home for Eric Cantor.

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Maiznblue said...

America will create more non-farm payroll jobs in 2010 than the entire despicable legacy and 8 years of bush/cheney.