Friday, June 25, 2010

Cuccinelli pocketing money meant for wounded veterans

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is determined to keep money that was originally meant for Navy veterans.
Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) took $55,000 in campaign contributions from the U.S. Navy Veterans Association (USNVA) founder Bobby Thompson before it was revealed that the USNVA was quite possibly a scam that existed solely for the personal enrichment of one Bobby Thompson. After his fellow state Republicans discovered it, they hastily turned around and gave the tainted donations to actual non-profits that help individual veterans. Not Cuccinelli, though: he insisted on keeping them even as he told reporters that he also would not be initiating any investigation into Thompson or USNVA.
This issue is really simple. Ordinary Americans--many of them Navy veterans themselves--donated money to an organization that turned out to be a fraud. They donated that money for the purpose of helping Navy veterans--many of them wounded veterans of the War on Terror. Bobby Thompson, a con man, stole that money and used that money for his own purposes.

Now it so happens that Bobby Thompson, in addition to being a crook, is a conservative Republican. So one of the things this con man spent the money on was political donations to Republican candidates. Now to their credit, nearly every Republican who received money from Bobby Thompson has since donated that money to a real Navy charity so the money that was originally intended to help Navy veterans actually does help Navy veterans. Virginia's Governor Bob McDonnell, very much to his credit, acted very quickly to ensure that the $5,000 he received from Bobby Thompson was donated to a real Navy back on May 17, 2010--more than a month ago.

But Ken Cuccinelli continues to drag his feet and make excuses, ensuring that the money a con man diverted from wounded Navy veterans still remains in one of Ken Cuccinelli's campaign accounts.


James Young said...

And President Barry (along with Creigh Deeds, Jody Wagner, and Steve Shannon) pockets much larger amounts of money meant for collective bargaining, contract administration, and grievance adjustment --- from unions.

Ever hear the one about removing the boulder from your own eye before you remove the mote in your neighbor's?

J.C. Wilmore said...

Wow James, that's a huge leap. Dues paying union members understand that part or all of their dues may be used for lobbying or political activities.

What Bobby Thompson did is entirely different. He took money under fall pretenses, claiming to be helping wounded veterans, and then pocketed most of it--spending about $181,000 on political donations to Republicans.

Ever hear the one about not being a total dumbass?

James Young said...

To answer your question: in fact, almost every time I read one of your posts.

James Young said...

"Huge leap"? I thought the post was about a politician who takes money that he knew or should have known (which is not clearly the case with Cuccinelli) was intended for other purposes.

And, of course, you ignore the facts that: (1) most union members have no idea how much of their money is going toward politics: (2) many union "members" have been lied to and told that they are required to be formal union members as a condition of employment; and (3) unions routinely understate the amount that they spend on politics.

Just like I would expect you to.

J.C. Wilmore said...

I see I've touched a nerve, because you are trying to change the subject from Cuccinelli's ethics to your warped, right-idea of what unions use their dues for.

If you want to complain about unions, you've got your own website. If you'd like to mount a defense of Cuccinelli's behavior in this comment section, feel free to try. But don't draw false parallels between apples and oranges.

My post is about an actual instance of poor behavior on the part of Ken Cuccinelli. Do you have anything to say about Cuccinelli, or are you just going to tell me another right-wing fairy tale?

Karl Bremer said...

The last anyone has seen of Navy vet fraudster Bobby Thompson was giving $10,000 to Michele Bachmann to have his picture taken with her and Sarah Palin April 7: