Friday, May 28, 2010

The RPV's nonsensical messaging on Malek

Garren Shipley is no Tim Murtaugh.

If you need proof of that statement you need look no further than the RPV's silly response to Democrats' calls for Governor Bob McDonnell to reconsider his appointment of disgraced Jew-hunter and self-admitted fraudster Fred Malek to head up McDonnell's own government reform board. Malek admitted his fraud and paid a $100,000 fine to the SEC in connection with a plot to defraud the pension fund of another state. This is who Bob McDonnell wants to put in charge of reforming Virginia's government.

In a radio interview earlier this week, Governor McDonnell admitted that he had not known about Malek's fraudulent activities, thereby admitting to a failure on his part and on the part of his staff to do appropriate vetting of his proposed appointtee. McDonnell's failure to vett an appointtee to an important post is at the heart of this matter.

Imagine my surprise then when I saw this statement posted at the RPV's website:
Convenient: Democrats Discover 'Problems' with Longtime Public Servant Only AFTER He's Tasked to Shrink Government
Democrats? No problem with Malek until he can turn off the government money spigot

Fred Malek has a long record of service to the Commonwealth and its people. In the past few years, he's been the Finance Director of John McCain's presidential campaign, the co-chair of Governor McDonnell's inaugural, and a member of his transition team.

He is the Chairman and Director of American Friends of the Czech Republic, and serves on the Board of Visitors of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He's also a vice president of the American-Israeli Friendship League.

He's even been a political commentator on MSNBC - not exactly a hotbed of conservative sympathizers.
A long record of service to the Commonwealth of Virginia? Where? Which of the offices/honors that Shipley mentions is an office or appointment from the Commonwealth of Virginia? American Friends of the Czech Republic? American-Israeli Friendship League?

Are these even government appointments?

Board of Visitors of West Point? Is that a Virginia government post? It sounds federal to me--and West Point might want to reconsider having a self-admitted fraudster on its board of visitors. Political commenter on MSNBC? Garren Shipley equates being a commenter on television on politics with holding a position of trust within the government of the Commonwealth of Virginia?


But the headline is really the most egregious thing about this statement. Shipley claims to be surprised that Democrats would criticize the appointment of Malek only AFTER the appointment was announced. Really Garren, really? Democrats are supposed to read Governor McDonnell's mind and then perform the most basic kind of vetting on his candidates before he even announces them publicly?

Even the most rudimentary kind of vetting--a Google search--would have revealed in minutes that Fred Malek was an admitted fraud with a history of defrauding at least one state government and a past that included systematically tracking down Jews in the federal government and then leading a campaign of harassment and retaliation against them based on a phony and paranoid belief on the part of Richard Nixon that a "Jewish cabal" against Nixon had been formed. McDonnell and his staff never bothered to perform even the most basic vetting on Malek.

Let's boil this down to a simple and easily understandable takeaway for Garren Shipley.

Mr. Shipley, if you don't want Democratic legislators and bloggers to vett Governor Bob McDonnell's appointtees AFTER he's appointed them, then you might want to make certain that the governor and his staff perform this vetting BEFORE they make important appointments.

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