Saturday, May 22, 2010

Railroad Earth at Friday Cheers

I saw the Railroad Earth show at Friday Cheers on Brown's Island last night--what a great show!

Railroad Earth is a Roots and "Americana" jam band from New Jersey. They are very much in the "New Grass" tradition that is so popular in Richmond.

I really enjoyed these guys, so much so that I'm going to track down their music on iTunes and buy an album. That's a first for me with a Friday Cheers band.

Railroad Earth drew a good crowd. I've seen bigger crowds at Friday Cheers, but few with as much energy.

The crowd's energy was reflected in the band's performance, with the lead vocalist Todd Sheaffer in particular picking up on the enthusiasm of the crowd.

It was a perfect night to be outside; not too warm, not too cold, and the summer mosquitoes haven't shown up yet.

I didn't have a backstage pass, so all my shots had to be taken from the pit in front of the stage. All the same, I'm pleased with the way these photos turned out. At times it seemed as if the band was posing for me and the lighting tech would give me some really interesting combinations to shoot.

Drummer Carey Harmon pitches in on vocals.

As noted before, the crowd was very high energy, and they were soon demanding that I take their pictures.

The crowd was diverse in terms of age groups represented. Railroad Earth has been around for nine years and apparently has quite a local following including middle-aged guys like me . . .

To loads of young college undergraduates glad to get away from exams for a little while.

I highly recommend Railroad Earth. If you enjoy the "New Grass" jam band style of music you are pretty much guaranteed to enjoy this band. I'll be looking for a chance to catch them at a bar or a smaller venue.

Current members of Railroad Earth
Todd Sheaffer - guitar, vocals (2001 - present)
Tim Carbone - violin, accordion, electric guitar, vocals (2001 - present)
John Skehan - mandolin, bouzouki, vocals (2001 - present)
Andy Goessling - acoustic guitars, banjo, dobro, mandolin, flute, pennywhistle, saxophones, vocals (2001 - present)
Carey Harmon - drums, hand percussion, vocals (2001 - present)
Andrew Altman - bass, vocals (2010 - present)

You can visit Railroad Earth at their website to look for news and upcoming shows.

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