Monday, May 24, 2010

Major GOP win: Sabato falls for Palin

Things have not been going well for the GOP lately. The Pennsylvania special election, the implosion of Rand Paul . . . it just hasn't been a good week . . . until now. The GOP actually scored a major conquest last week: Larry Sabato. The agent of the GOP's victory over Dr. Sabato? Why ex-half-governor Sarah Palin, of course. Dr. Sabato has been seduced. Here are some of his remarks from an article in The Denver Post:
"She has morphed from this very controversial vice presidential candidate who most people thought hurt McCain into this phenom," said Larry Sabato, a political science professor at the University of Virginia. "She's everywhere, doing everything. All the media interviews. The $100,000 speeches."

* * *

"An endorsement like that [Palin's] would help Norton," said Sabato. "She clearly needs it right now."

* * *

"She's avant-garde. She's a feminist. She cuts a dashing figure. There aren't that many leading Republicans that do that," Sabato said.

"Think Mitch McConnell or John Boehner. When you see them coming on, you know it's nap time.

"Whether you love her or you hate her, you don't go to sleep when Sarah Palin comes on," Sabato said.
Shorter Larry Sabato: Sarah Palin is sooooo dreamy. Let me be the first to extend my congratulations to the GOP. Larry Sabato is an important acquisition, and now that Sarah Palin has the professor wrapped around her little finger I'm sure you can look forward to more sympathetic coverage from the Charlottesville, Virginia savant of politics.

Someone else has replaced Hilary Clinton in Larry Sabato's heart.

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