Friday, April 23, 2010

SWACer and C-ville help needed

I need some help from SWACers and C-ville folks on a little project.  Not to worry: this project is completely non-partisan and I am confident that there are many conservative Republicans who will be happy to help me with this.
A Virginia brewery and brewmaster have won the Gold Medal in the Brewers Association World Beer Cup 2010 Champion in the "Small Brewpub" category.  The winner is Devils Backbone Brewing Company, in Roseland, Virginia.  Brewmaster Jason Oliver has led this Virginia Brewery to victory at the most prestigious beer competition in North America.
Now here's the assignment, should you choose to accept the challenge: I need some of you to drive over to Roseland, Virginia and try this beer.  Is it really as wonderful as it sounds?  Is it worth it for me to get in my car and drive two hours to enjoy the beer at the Devils Backbone Brewing Company?
I look forward to reading your scouting reports.

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