Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crist's independent run could trigger purge, civil war in GOP

If Charlie Crist announces he is running as an independent in Florida's U.S. Senate race today, it could trigger a purge of moderate insiders from the Republican Party.  Angry Tea Party Republicans can be expected to exact a terrible price from more moderate Republicans for this perceived betrayal. 
The Crist announcement is the third blow of a trifecta of woes that have recently beset the GOP.  Senate GOPers' attempts to just say "no" to Wall Street reform crumbled in the face of Democratic insistence.  Senate Republicans were unable to stall the process or extort a significant amount of money from Wall Street bankers.  Tea Party activists refused to take to the streets to save Wall Street from tighter regulations.
Tea Partiers are instead busily embroiling the national GOP in the immigration issue and alienating the growing Latino population in the United States.  Pushed by Tea Party and other fringe elements in the Republican Party of Arizonastan, the GOP has enacted a vicious immigration law aimed at harassing anyone who is not a WASP.  Nationwide, Latino reaction to the ethnic cleansing of Arizona has been swift and negative. 
Now the GOP is badly divided, unable to raise money, headed by a possibly corrupt individual, and is actively purging itself of moderates and racial minorities.  The GOP will face a severe backlash this November, handicapping their efforts to achieve what they thought would be an easy sweep of the 2010 midterm elections.


James Young said...

Let me make sure I've got this right: Charlie Crist (as whitebread as whitebread gets) may run as an independent against Marco Rubio (a son of Cuban emigres), but "the GOP is ... actively purging ITSELF of moderates and racial minorities."

Do you even bother to read it before you put it out there?"

J.C. Wilmore said...

Well James, while the title of this post refers just to Crist, the post itself deals with several factors: Tea Party, immigration in Arizona, Crist, and the failure of the GOP to stop Wall Street reform.

While your point about Rubio beating Crist in the Republican primary in Florida is well taken, it will be completely overshadowed by the damage done nationally by the Arizona immigration law. The Republican Party may retain a handful of Cuban-Americans in Florida, but it will lose the vast majority of Latinos nationally.