Saturday, March 20, 2010

Virginia Thomas' fundraising already in violation of law

Well that didn't take very long. Less than one week after announcing that she would be joining a group allied to the Tea Party and raising money to support their activities, Virginia Thomas--wife of Supreme COurt Justice Clarence Thomas--has already violated the law.
Virginia officials have told the wife of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas that her advocacy group has been improperly soliciting funds.

The state Office of Consumer Affairs says Liberty Central Inc. failed to register with the office as required by law. The office informed the group's president, Virginia Thomas, of the violation in a letter Thursday.

Michael Wright, manager of regulatory programs for the consumer affairs office, said Friday that the group's lawyer has already informed him that the paperwork will be filed shortly. Wright said the conservative advocacy group was simply unaware of the registration requirement, a problem he said is not unusual.
Hmmm, "not unusual," or is Virginia Thomas getting special treatment because of who she is and who is governor and attorney general of Virginia? Maybe Ken Cuccinelli is too busy politicking to enforce Virginia's laws.

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