Saturday, March 13, 2010

Richmond Coffee Party Kickoff a Success!

Twenty-eight Virginians met this afternoon in Richmond, Virginia at a local coffee shop named "Savor" to discuss politics in a civil manner and look for a way forward in solving their country's problems.

The mood was generally upbeat, but participants expressed concern about the negative tone politics have taken in recent years, and in particular during the health care reform debate.

Participants in the meeting signed a civility pledge and read the preamble to the U.S . Constitution together, before breaking up into discussion groups to discuss ways of moving forward.

The Coffee Party is planning additional events in the near future and is looking to expand its message of civil discourse and progress towards real solutions.


James Young said...

They might want to try reading the rest of it sometime.

'Course, then (if they understood it), they'd abandon this fraudulent excuse for more far Left policies, and join the Tea Party.

J.C. Wilmore said...

James, you're alive?

I'd expected to hear that you'd been killed in a suicide attack on a state treasury. Haven't you been screaming: "to arms, to arms!"

Really, why don't you get on with it? Or did you get your refund check in the mail today?

Donald Douglas said...

American Power tracked-back with, 'March 13th Coffee Party Fail!'.