Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eric Cantor claims window shot out at Richmond office

In a case of suspiciously convenient timing, Representative Eric Cantor is claiming a window has been shot out in his Richmond, Virginia office. It is not clear at this time if the bullet was outside-going-in, or inside-going-out, when it broke the window.

The timing is a little suspicious and looks more than a little like an attempt to divert attention from a wave of vandalism and threats directed against Congressional Democrats who supported health care reform. My advice to Richmond and/or Henrico police? Swab under Congressman Cantor's fingernails and check for gunpowder residue.

Of course, this could be a genuine case of Tea Party violence. After all, Cantor was the architect of the failed "Party of No" strategy, and it's more than likely that many Tea Partiers are upset with him.

Eric Cantor had a lot to do with creating the monster that is the Tea Party; it would be ironic if he ends up becoming one of its first victims.

Update: Cantor is saying that many of the threats he received were anti-semitic in nature. This is sounding more and more like a Tea Party job.

Update #2: Cantor has admitted that he doesn't know whether the bullet was a random shot or had targeted his building in downtown Richmond. He also wasn't able to say whether it happened last night or the night before. Downtown Richmond at night? Sounds like a stray bullet to me.

Update #3: Details supplied from the Richmond Police Department make it clear this was a stray bullet falling from the sky, and not a shot fired intentionally at Eric Cantor's office.

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