Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Did Wittman staffer's tweet cost Bolognese a House seat?

Yesterday's HoD special election for the 41st was decided by a razor thin margin of 42 votes, with Democrat Eileen Filler-Corn edging out Republican Kerry Bolognese. Did an indiscreet tweet by a Republican congressional staffer cost Bolognese the race?

Blue Virginia's Lowell Feld caught U.S. Representative Rob Wittman's Press Secretary Tom Crosson tweeting the following early yesterday while the polls were still open:
"1st time I haven't voted... simply couldn't pull the lever for Bolognese who ran an abysmal campaign."
Did Crosson's indiscretion affect the outcome? Did it cause/contribute to a rumor that taking the time to go and vote for Bolognese would be a waste of time?

Something tells me that this incident is going to be the basis for a lot of soul searching, recriminations, and hard feelings among NoVa Republicans.

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