Monday, March 29, 2010

Anti-semitic nutcase arrested for threatening Eric Cantor

Norman Leboon, a virulent anti-semite from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has been arrested in connection with making death threats against Representative Eric Cantor (R-Virginia).

Update: has more details about Norman Leboon, the man accused of threatening Cantor and his family:
A Justice Department official said there is no indication Leboon is part of a political group or made his threat against Cantor to advance a specific political cause.

The official called Leboon a lone, possibly disturbed individual and noted he claimed he had produced more than 2,000 videos in which he made threats.

The congressman was notified over the weekend about the threat, Cantor spokesman Brad Dayspring said. He is "deeply grateful for, and would like to dearly thank, all local and federal law enforcement involved."
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I'm glad that the federal law enforcement officials were able to remove this threat to Cantor and his family. Now if we could just catch the person or persons who sabotaged the gas line on a propane tank at Bo Perriello's house last week we can be sure that our elected officials and their families are a bit safer.

Update: Leboon was apparently a donor to Obama.

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