Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Terry McAuliffe visits Richmond, Virginia

Terry McAuliffe met with about one hundred of his friends in Richmond last night for a late happy hour at Lulu's in Shockoe Bottom. McAuliffe told the crowd that he was keeping his promise to stay engaged in Virginia. He talked about some of his recent travels: Kuwait, Haiti, and Franklin, Virginia among the many places he's been. He talked about his work with President Clinton on Haitian relief efforts and his work to convert the Internation Paper plant in Franklin, Virginia into a biofuels/biomass power plant.

McAuliffe has charisma and the crowd was very enthusiastic. If McAuliffe can sustain this level of invlvement for the next four years, there won't be a need for a divisive Democratic primary: the nomination for governor in 2013 will be McAuliffe's by acclamation.

Lulu's is located at 21 North 17th Street in Richmond, Virginia. Visit their website here.

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