Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bob Marshall should resign, but he probably won't

The tape is clear, Bob Marshall said what he said. Marshall's awkward attempts to deny that he said that disabled children are God's punishment for abortion are pathetic. They are also lies.

To me, the lie is even more offensive than the initial statement: Delegate Marshall, we have you on tape for God's sake.

I will say this much: I am heartened by the righteous outrage coming from the Right side of the blogosphere. It is repugnant to say that God punishes people by inflicting disabilities on their children--I was happy to see that this is something that many of my colleagues on the Right agree with, and that they also condemned Marshall for his remarks.

Bob Marshall should resign, but he probably won't. If he doesn't, then I hope someone on the Right will follow up on their righteous anger and primary Marshall so as to replace him with a more responsible conservative.

Marshall has no business dragging innocent disabled children into a political debate to score cheap points. I think most of Virginia's Republicans recognize that this is a stain on their honor if they allow it to stand. I hope they will do whatever is necessary to ensure that Bob Marshall isn't around to victimize disabled children in the future.

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