Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is it time to give Tim Kaine a promotion?

Between Creigh Deeds and Martha Coakley, Tim Kaine has been doing crackerjack work as the DNC Chairman.  I think Tim Kaine may have earned a promotion. 
With Kaine's excellent command of the Spanish language, coupled with his close and friendly relationship with Barack Obama, I think Tim Kaine would make an ideal ambassador to nearly any Spanish-speaking nation.  I think it's time to kick Tim Kaine upstairs to a position where he can do the Democratic Party the most good (i.e. somewhere elsewhere than the DNC).

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---- said...

I agree. Particularly since the democrats in VA have yet to finish paying off their debt from the 2008election.

Kaine's people basically blew him off too. Check out the links.