Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Gubernatorial candidates to vote today

Virginia's 2009 Governor's race is finally nearing its end.  Today the two major party candidates will head to the polls to cast their votes.  We caught up with the two candidates last night and asked them about their votes.
"I'm voting first thing in the morning, then I'm hitting the road for a series of campaign events, culminating it tonight's victory party where, I hope to be celebrating a win," said former Attorney General Bob McDonnell.  We asked him about his vote and he answered forcefully.  "I'm voting for myself, of course.  I'm in this thing to win it.  Also, I'm a staunch Republican, so I'm voting a straight Republican ticket."
We caught up with Democrat Creigh Deeds a little later and asked him about his vote.  "I'm holding out," the Democratic candidate told us.  "I'm weighing my options and everything is on the table.  There are lots of options and everything is in play." 
We asked him about whether he at least planned to vote for the rest of the Democratic candidates.  "It's possible," he told us.  "Would you hold it against me if I did?  I'm really moderate . . . don't want to look too partisan, you know.  All the options are on the table."

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