Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Creigh Deeds lost my vote last night

Creigh Deeds took whatever tiny shred of hope he may have had, grasped it firmly in both hands, and threw it away last night. He lost my vote, not that it would have made a difference.

Deeds has thoroughly bungled this election. His campaign will become the textbook example of how not to run for governor in Virginia. If he has any sense of shame, he'll resign his senate seat and remove himself from public service.

At some point we'll have to pick up the discussion of the future of the Democratic Party in Virginia post-Deeds, but for now we will have to wait and watch the Deeds train wreck grind itself to a painful halt.

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JTylerBallance said...

While there are some issues where I differ with Mr. Deeds, Creigh Deeds is still the best candidate for our next Governor.

Here are just a few reasons:

When it comes down to standing-up for the Virginia working Man, Creigh Deeds has always placed the citizens FIRST. Mr. McDonnell, routinely hands over ever greater power to the federal agencies, and is a reliable pawn for the multinational corporations who have looted Virginia and shipped our manufacturing jobs off to China.

Creigh Deeds has the right positions on:


Health care (although I prefer the creation of a National Health service).



Sensible budgeting

Creigh, unlike Mr. McDonnell has a legislative record that demonstrates his dedication to addressing the real problems that we all face, instead of simply denying the problems exist, or punting on the issue and hoping the private sector will magically save the day, like McD.

This is a BIG election for us, but it is even BIGGER for our children. Creigh Deeds is the best candidate for Governor; he will always put the interests of Virginians first, and he always has.

As for the FUTURE, I attended a town hall meeting with Henrico Supervisor, Frank Thornton, tonight. Del. Joe Morrissey was a guest. Joe is a real fireball, with lots of great ideas for ways that government can better serve the People. Joe should be on the short list for Lt Governor.