Sunday, October 11, 2009

A brave man dies only once . . .

. . . while a coward will get creamed in the 2010 mid-terms.

Just a quick post to associate myself with a post by Karen over at Anonymous is a Woman:
That's why it's time - actually long past the time - to move ahead and use the Democratic majority to bring about the change that the public voted for, even without one single Republican vote if necessary.

One reason senate Democrats aren't doing this, however, is because, despite having 60 votes, they are scared that if their legislation fails to do what it's supposed to do, they will have nobody to share the blame with. So, what they are doing is seeking the cover and protection that can only come from a bipartisan bill. It's not about politeness or civility. It's about cowardice. They want somebody in the other party who can deflect some of the blame from them should health care reform fail.
It's no secret what Democrats are afraid of: they're afraid of losing their seats in Congress next year, so much so that they are passing up a once-in-a-lifetime chance to implement real reform.

What the cowardly Democrats in Congress fail to recognize is that there is no safe path for them now. Simply stated:

1) If you refuse to enact reform the way you promised to in 2008, you will lose in 2010.
2) If you pass a bill that makes things worse for middle-class Americans--the way you seem to be now--then you will lose even bigger in 2010.
3) The national Democratic Party's only real chance is to pass real reform that breaks the back of the healthcare trust. Who knows, maybe that could backfire and Democrats might lose some seats in 2010. But there's a pretty good possibility that voters would reward Democrats for implementing real reforms in an industry that is out of control and consuming the rest of the economy.

If Congressional Democrats continue to behave in a gutless and corrupt fashion they are going to lose big in 2010. Time for a little of that change you promised.

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