Sunday, September 13, 2009

Reminder: Obama on 60 Minutes tonight at 7:00 PM

Just a reminder: Barack Obama, the elected President of the United States, the guy who was elected by a huge majority, will be on 60 Minutes tonight at 7:00 PM. On CBS. The President, who was, you know, elected . . . in an election. Instead of the Republican guy.

So, how's that novel coming along? You still, um, working on that novel, hmm?

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Administrator said...

A key part of the interview, that seems to have gone relatively unnoticed -- but which was also directly tied in to the health care issue -- was when Steve Kroft asked Obama about the charges that some claimed he was a just a big spender, or, echoing typical if perhaps trumped up claims against him, even a socialist.

Obama had an interesting, and perhaps informative, answer, here.

The other part of the equation concerns health care directly.

As noted therein:

Obama also claims that health care reform in the long run should not cost a dime more. He asserts — somewhat correctly — that the most out of control spending in our budget, is on Medicaid and Medicare. In 2005 for example, Medicare and Medicaid spending was projected at 481 billion dollars, more than on national defense and homeland security combined. These costs have been rising rapidly every year before and after, and are projected to continue to rise rapidly.

We also spend almost two times more per person on health care than any other industrialized nation in the world, but yet our overall rate of health care success is little better (and in some cases worse.)

But will these current proposals cut waste, or simply expand the current system, particularly if a typical "compromise" is passed that merely supports health care insurers, while requiring more people to get health insurance?