Sunday, September 20, 2009

As Virginia race narrows will Republicans revert to type?

It's been a pretty quiet campaign season this year, especially in Richmond. But with Creigh Deeds making significant gains in Northern Virginia, it seems like just a matter of time before the right wing bloggers lose their cool and begin frothing at the mouth. There's no question that Allen's "A-Team" hurt him with the press and with those following the race online. Will right wing bloggers shoot their candidate in the foot again this year?

This year promises to be particularly nasty as righty bloggers digest the "lessons" of the tea party movement: the louder, the nastier, and the crazier the better is what the media coverage of the tea parties suggested. Only time will tell if this is in fact the case, whether carrying around overt displays of racism and behaving badly will serve the McDonnell campaign as effectively as it did the anti-healthcare reform movement.

A single minute of (bourbon fueled?) overt racism ended the career of Senator George Allen. What will happen when the tea party movement turns out to rally for McDonnell--as they almost certainly will--will they bring their Obama-as-witch-doctor posters? And what impact will that image have on Virginia's electorate in 2009?



Juno said...

Two points:

1. There are many more highly articulate and well informed conservative leaning bloggers now than there were two years ago. Let's hope they have more of an impact than some of the less substantive ones.

2. The term "teabagger" is extremely vulgar and offensive (check out if you want details), and does not match the tone of the rest of your blog. I suggest you substitute Tea Partier, or Tea Party attenders.

J.C. Wilmore said...

Point 2 is well taken, and I have made the changes you suggested.

teacherken said...

except that many proudly self-identify as teabaggers

which was absurd given that there were no tea bags on Dec 16, 1773.

J.C. Wilmore said...

No Ken:

It's only okay for Republicans to be rude. Democrats must always have perfect manners. Republicans can shout insults at the President of the United States while he delivers a formal address to Congress, but Democrats must never ever be rude for any reason.


James Young said...

Sounds a little bit more like YOU'RE reverting to type, J.C. Smears, smears, and when they don't work, the old stand-by: more smears.

James Young said...

If you're a history teacher, Ken, you are well aware of the tradition of wearing with pride the scornful belittlements of one's opponents. I am, for instance, a "Lutheran."