Wednesday, August 05, 2009

GOP paying people to disrupt townhall meetings


Cargosquid said...

Yep. GOP is sure paying those guys. I can tell just by looking at them.

How about some proof? Why can't there be popular anger about the obscene spending and the takeover of the healthcare system? Why can't there be anger by democrat voters against representatives that don't do their jobs? A Congress that votes on bill not yet finished or read is derelict and should be charged with malfeasance in office. I include BOTH parties in that.

labamba said...

I am not really concerned whether they are paid or not (they are still speaking on behalf of someone). the fact is their arguments need to be cogent and observing common decency to hear others (as much as they like to be heard). Otherwise, it just descends into a shouting match. Let us all remember that vehement advocacy should be at the ballot box. If you do not like what your representative is doing, petition their removal and get it done by voting them out! what ever we think about what is going on, we live in a democracy and the majority have spoken (even if we do not like it) and in a couple of years, if we are unfulfilled, we will get rid of the Dems. Remember that just because people shout, it gives them neither right nor justification to disrupt the meetings for others who want to hear and discuss the issues so that they can make decisions that will affect their lives.