Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bob McDonnell's plan for Virginia

The Washington Post has found Bob McDonnell's blueprint for a Republican Virginia. It was in Regent University's library the whole time. Who knew?

There's a lot to raise eyebrows in here, but the overall tone is the thing to pay attention to. Bob McDonnell believes that the government should be intervening in ordinary peoples' lives, playing favorites to those who live the kind of lives that Pat Robertson approves of, while punishing and denying benefits to people Pat Robertson doesn't approve of.

When you consider how difficult it is these days to maintain a middle-class lifestyle on a single salary, Virginia's working married women may be a little surprised to find that Bob McDonnell wants you to quit your job and stay home. McDonnell also thinks the government has a role to play in harassing gays and unmarried couples, who McDonnell brands "fornicators."

Virginians need to understand that McDonnell, for all his rebranding efforts, is the classic social conservative. McDonnell isn't terribly interested in your wallet: he's more concerned with what is going on in your bedroom and your personal life. If McDonnell is elected to Virginia's Governor's Mansion, we can expect his morality police to hit the streets soon thereafter, peeking through bedroom windows and handing out scarlet letters.

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