Saturday, April 04, 2009

Zero hour approaches for Jeff Frederick

In a few minutes, supporters of embattled RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick will rally in Richmond, Virginia before the State Central Committee meeting of the Republican Party of Virginia takes up the question whether to remove Frederick from his office.

Briefly, Frederick's detractors allege incompetence, poor leadership, petty corruption, and poor fundraising performance. Frederick's defenders plead that Frederick was the choice of a clear majority of the RPV rank and file last year, has the ideological positions demanded by the grassroots, and therefore has the overwhelming support of the grassroots, as opposed to the "elites" and"insiders" they claim are trying to overthrow the will of the rank and file.

A few observations of my own. The members of the SCC are, it is my understanding, elected party officials. It will require 75% of these members to vote to depose Frederick in order for him to lose his chairmanship. It seems to me that there has been adequate time for the people who elected the members of the SCC to communicate their feelings to them. If these members do in fact vote to remove Frederick, is there really any basis for claiming this is undemocratic (small "d") or "unconstitutional" as so many Frederick supporters have.

In the same vein, if Frederick survives, what then? The necessary percentage--75%--is a high hurdle to clear. What if 74.9% of the members of the SCC vote to remove Frederick and they fall short? Can the Republican Party of Virginia survive with nearly three-quarters of its SCC lined up against its chairman? If they fail to remove Frederick, should the insurgent SCC members resign so they can be replaced by Frederick loyalists?

We'll have some answers in just a few hours from now. Jim Hoeft of Bearing Drift will be covering the proceeding live.

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