Monday, April 06, 2009

Pittsburgh cop killer linked to Glenn Beck

Several diarists at Daily Kos have been researching Richard Poplawski, the man accused in the shooting deaths of three Pittsburgh police officers. Poplawski allegedly gunned down the officers at point blank range with an assault rifle. Today there is a diary summing up some of the things Kossacks are turning up regarding Poplawski:
Some of us over the past few days have been working together "sleuthing" the internet for anything related to Richard Poplawski. I can't speak for others, but my interest was driven by the fact that this had to be the first case which could solidly be linked to hate sites like Stormfront, Infowars, and PrisonPlanet and right wing loons like Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, and Don Black do everything they can to fuel other right wing loons short of putting guns in their hands.

Well, beyond a doubt, I think we have the first best example of such a case with Richard Poplawski and the cold-blooded murder of 3 police officers in Pittsburgh.[1]
If you are curious about the possible links between Poplawski and high profile Republican media figures like Glenn Beck, then I recommend the following diaries:
"Poplawski Linked to Stormfront and Glenn Beck"
"Disgraceful cop-killer helped with politics show--can we find clips?"
"What we now know about Richard Poplawski"
And for the sake of balance, if you'd like to read a some blog posts arguing that right wing pundits cannot be held responsible--either legally or morally--for the violence that their disciples do, I'd suggest the following:
"That Comedian Slayed Them. Arrest Him."
"RD’s Riposte, and Some Further Thoughts"
"Cop Killers And Political Opportunism"
Some people think Republican propaganda about guns and FEMA concentration camps are just harmless metaphors. As for me, I just wish that more right wingers would cling to their religion . . .

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