Saturday, April 11, 2009

Now Republicans are lying about pizza!

Is there nothing that Republicans won't lie about? Here's the latest phony story being passed around by Republicans desperate to smear even a little dirt on Obama: Republicans claim that Obama is flying in a pizza chef from Missouri on the taxpayer dime in order to throw himself a gourmet pizza party. False!

Now here's the true story. The chef in question--Ryan Mangialardo--was going to be in DC anyway to see his girlfriend and offered to bring along the ingredients and make the president his favorite pizza. Mangialardo is a partner in St. Louis's Pi restaurant. Obama tasted the pizza at Pi while campaigning last year and said it was “the best pizza I’ve ever eaten.” Sounds like Mangialardo had a great idea to get his restaurant some publicity. Why do Republicans hate small businessmen so much?

Total cost to taxpayers: $0

Huge amount of publicity for Pi: Priceless

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