Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hide your books! The Republicans are coming!

If you want to understand the extent to which the Republican Party is in trouble, the degree to which it is collapsing under the weight of its own ideology, then take five minutes and watch this video.

Here's a transcript of the really important part:
Woman: [Shouts] "Burn the books!" [applause]

Man: "I don’t think you were serious about that, were you?"

Woman: "I am too."

Man: "Burn all the books?!"

Woman: "The ones in college, those, those brainwashing books."

Man: "[laughs] Brainwashing books?"

Woman: "Yes."

Man: "Which ones are those?"

Woman: "Like, the evolution crap, and, yeah..."
Hopefully the Richmond City Police and Virginia Commonwealth University Police will be able to protect VCU's library from these folks when they pay Richmond a visit on April 15th.

You've got an amazing variety of conservatives gathered in this little coffee shop. The Constitution Party. The Libertarian Party. Some guy who seems to be repeating John Birch Society talking points. A woman who advocates for the burning of books. This is the so-called "Tea Party" movement.

Now consider: the organizers of the Chicago Tea Party told Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele that if he showed up he would NOT be allowed to speak. The Republican Party is being rejected by the far right wing, even as the Republican Party leaders are doing everything they can to move their party farther to the right in order to pander to them. Meanwhile, that pandering is turning off moderates.

People who--a few years ago--would have described themselves as "moderate Republicans" are leaving the party because they don't want to be associated with people like the people in this video. Some of these people are joining the Libertarian Party, most are just calling themselves independents. On the other end of the Republican spectrum, far right conservatives are exiting the party for more extremist fringe third parties. The result? The Republican base is literally crumbling. The Republican Party will soon be a regional party limited to the South, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and Alaska.

A final thought for any Republicans who may be reading this:

"Dort, wo man B├╝cher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen." (Where they have burned books, they will in the end burn people.) — Heinrich Heine

Hat tip: Little Green Footballs by way of Below the Beltway.


-- Marc Montoni said...

Moderates in the RP are not walking away from the RP. In fact they are in almost complete control of it. Rather, everything other than the center is leaving. In essence, a second Democratic Party will be what remains of the Republican Party.

It's unfortunate you have such a low opinion of the Libertarian Party. Maybe you should take a closer look to understand that we're not "conservatives" by any stretch (although I readily admit we have our share of people abandoning the RP and looking for their next home). However, I think ultimately most of them will find that home in the Constitution Party, rather than the LP.

Most Libertarians would tell you that libertarianism supports ending drug prohibition, repealing all victimless crime laws, free migration, eliminating police brutality, expanding housing choices for those of limited means, and other issues those of us on the left consider important.

Many of us are also sorely disappointed to see that the brownshirts of the right -- allies of the neocons -- have simply been replaced by the brownshirts of the left. There are many Democrats who are not brownshirts who have been blindsided by the Obama Administration's chickenhawk expansion of the war in Afghanistan.

Many now feel they are without a political home that consistently advocates non-interventionism.

The Richmond Democrat said...

Well, I tried to draw a distinction between the Libertarian Party and the fringe conservative groups, for what it's worth. But it seems to me like libertarians tend to support and caucus with Republicans. Sorry, but there it is. The LP is basically the shadowy remnant of what used to be the liberal wing of the Republican Party.

As for calling Democrats brown shirts, all I can say is that they were democratically elected, and from what I can see even more will be elected in 2010. Elections matter, and we've won the last two. I think we'll win more, not least of all for the reasons I gave in my post. If winning democratic elections makes us brownshirts, well you apparently have a different definition of that term than I do.

jm said...

lol ahhhhhh