Saturday, March 28, 2009

Olbermann takes on Bachmann's call for the violent overthrow of Obama

This is an amazing story that continues to grow. Representative Michele Bachmann has revised and extended her remarks, making it quite clear that she was not speaking metaphorically and is indeed calling for the overthrow of our nation's democratically elected government. It is also becoming increasingly clear that Michele Bachmann is mentally unstable and may be unfit for further service in Congress. It isn't entirely clear to me what the process is (if any)for removing someone who is mentally ill from Congress (other than defeating them in their next election).

I think the first step, as Keith Olbermann and Jonathan Alter discuss in the following clip, is that the Republican Party leadership wakes up and realizes that Bachmann is not an asset to their party.

Of course Bachmann has her defenders. No doubt Bart Hinkle will post another diary on his blog excusing Bachmann's increasingly erratic behavior. Would anyone care to guess which literary or rhetorical device Mr. Hinkle will employ to explain Bachmann's behavior?

If Republicans don't act to quietly retire Bachmann soon I predict that she'll eventually be dragged out of the Capitol foaming at the mouth, another embarrassment for the Republican Party along the lines of the implosion of Joe McCarthy.

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Keep in mind, Eric Cantor just held a $500 minimum fundraiser for Michele Bachmann. Someone should ask him if he agrees with Bachmann's sedition.