Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cantor votes for massive tax increase on the "Galts" of the world

Don't tell Grover Norquist, but Eric Cantor, GOP congressman from Virginia's 7th congressional district, just voted in favor of a massive tax increase (to 90%!) on bonuses paid to certain businessmen, nearly all of whom are probably Republicans.

What happened to voting against everything the Democratic Party proposes?

What happened to opposing tax increases?

How dare Cantor go against Rush Limbaugh's demand that AIG's executives be allowed to keep their multi-million dollar bonuses?!?

I guess wealthy people can't count on Republicans anymore.

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Shawn said...

Perhaps he's trying to distance himself from this:

Eric Cantor: Still on UBS's dole

By Ken Silverstein
As the economic crisis unwinds, House Republican Whip Eric Cantor has been a stern advocate for Main Street vs. Wall Street, has denounced the excesses of financial institutions, and just bemoaned AIG’s “stunning lack of accountability.” According to Cantor, the Obama administration needs to do more to help average folk weather the crisis. “My goodness, we do have an emergency, and we oughta say, look, priority No. 1 is to create jobs,” he recently said.
Given this pose, should Cantor really be taking money — $10,000 last month alone, half for his campaign and half for his Leadership PAC –from UBS, which just paid a $780 million fine for helping thousands of wealthy Americans evade taxes by shipping their money to Switzerland?
Cantor, incidentally, sits on the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee. The fine on UBS was announced on February 18. Disclosure records show Cantor took the cash for his campaign two weeks before that, and for his PAC eight days later.