Monday, March 16, 2009

Blogroll update suggestions needed!

My blogroll has been wildly out of date for some time now and I need to update it.

Here's a quick list of blogs I'll be adding today.

Blue Commonwealth
Blue Virginia
Coarse Cracked Corn
Cobalt 6
Equality Loudoun
The Green Miles
Left of the Hill
New Dominion Project
Star City Harbinger
United States of Jamerica

If you think your blog belongs on this list, please give me a nudge in the comments. I am especially interested in finding good blogs that somehow have not found their way on to one of the aggregators (Leftyblogs, Waldo,



Shawn said...

VirginiaDem welcomes your consideration

Shawn said...

VirginiaDem would appreciate your consideration

The Richmond Democrat said...

Scroll down a little further Shawn to the "More Lefties" section: you're already there.