Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sanitizing Bob McDonnell?

I noticed the funniest thing today: all the pictures ever taken of Bob McDonnell and George W. Bush together have vanished from the internet.  Someone has done a very good job of scrubbing away Bob McDonnell's connections to the 43rd President of the United States.

No matter, if we can't have access to the original pictures we can make do with some original illustrations.  We can can create all the illustrations we need to make the point we want to make: that there really is no difference between George W. Bush's policies and the policies supported by Bob McDonnell.  Bob McDonnell is a virtual clone of George W. Bush, and we'll make certain that Virginia's voters know it before election day rolls around.
As you were.

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Leevo4McCain said...

Going back to the Obama playbook huh? Well I guess you were able to brainwash enough people into thinking John McCain was like Bush (which is laughable) that you might as well try this. Good luck, you're gonna need, especially if you choose Terry McAuliffe. We're gonna have a field day with that guy.