Sunday, December 07, 2008

Hurray! We Lost!

Or perhaps I should say that "Dollar Bill" Jefferson (D-LA) lost his re-election bid during yesterday's run-off election yesterday. Jefferson's departure frees Democrats in the House from the ethical taint of his continued presence.

There were times when I thought the Bush administration had deliberately bungled the investigation of Jefferson so as to ensure that there was at least one corrupt Democrat in Congress. Jefferson's continued presence meant that whenever a corrupt Republican was nailed, the Republican Party could simply point at Jefferson and say: "Democrats are guilty too!"

With new Abramoff and MZM investigations on the horizons, plus who knows what will be found by the new Democratic administration when it takes office on January 20th, it's good to know that the Republicans' token corrupt Democratic congressman will no longer be there.

Jefferson's district is highly Democratic (70%+) and we will likely recapture that seat in 2010. Giving it up for two years is a small price to pay to rid ourselves of the noxious Jefferson.

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