Monday, November 03, 2008

Polls open in Virginia in 21 hours

And they close 13 hours later. We are 34 hours from the end of this amazing election season.

To get an idea of the intensity of the ground game in Richmond from the Democratic side, read "On The Ground in VA, Because We're Out Of Chairs," on Daily Kos.
There are about 30 people in this room, all busy, either making calls or inputing data or greeting walk-ins. There are two other rooms just as full and just as busy--this was the one with the most floor space. I'm on the floor right now, because we're simply out of chairs. The phones don't stop ringing.

Welcome to the Campaign for Change headquarters in Richmond, VA.

Last night, I got out of here around 4 a.m. There were at least 40 people still working when I left. It's about 10 p.m. now, and there are at least a hundred.

You know the sound of a talking mob, like in a theater just before the lights dim? Multiply that by your wildest dreams. That's what I'm hearing.
I haven't seen any information about John McCain's ground game. If you are a Republican blogger and you have some information about McCain's ground game in Virginia, please consider posting on it when you have a moment.

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