Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Get out and vote! Take an umbrella, water, and snacks!

Get out and vote! Sadly, the lines are likely to be long and it may rain, so take an umbrella, water, and snacks. Now here's some critical information for Virginia voters.

Remember, don't ever leave without voting. Copy down this phone number and carry it with you to the polls.


If you are challenged or if someone tries to prevent you from voting, look for the Obama pollwatchers and ask if there is an Obama attorney onsite. If you cannot find an Obama team onsite, call 1-877-582-6226 and ask for help.

Whatever happens, do not let anyone steal your vote without fighting for it.

Take pictures. Get names. Make it clear that someone illegally prevents you from voting they will face legal consequences.

For more information visit www.voteforchange.com or text 62262.

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