Sunday, November 09, 2008

And while we're on the subject of political sportsmanship

It's become an annual tradition ever since the political blogosphere became a big deal in Virginia: the annual wail of despair from Republicans after election day. Every year Virginia's Republicans take to the "intertubes" to complain loudly about how Democrats are big insensitive meanies for celebrating their victories and not showing enough concern for the feelings of loss experienced by our Republican colleagues. Allow me to remind you of the following . . .

Yep. He actually said this: "Let's enjoy knocking their soft teeth down their whiny throats." To the best of my knowledge he has never apologized for it. But George Allen was doing a lot more than spouting off. In that speech he set what has been the tone of the Republican Party ever since.

It's a tone we have seen online in this and past election seasons. Some of Virginia's Republican bloggers have participated in some of the vilest online behavior to be found anywhere in the blogosphere. I won't bother to catalog it here: those wishing to get more details can easily find them by searching one of the older Democratic blogs.

The reason you need to search for the records of these attacks on Democratic blogs, and not on the Republican blogs where they originally appeared, is because the worst of the Republican bloggers have deleted their entire websites so as to try and conceal their past bad behavior, trying to "scrub" the record. It is, perhaps, no surprise that one of the most egregious of these deleted Republican blogs was "Allen's A-Team," a group attack blog devoted to George F. Allen's philosophy of "knocking their soft teeth down their whiny throats." The bad behavior at "Allen's A-Team" has resurfaced every year since then. Racism, falsehoods, defamation, thinly veiled threats of violence: we've seen them all this year.

So every year I read the anguished (dare I say "whiny"?) posts from Republicans upset by the "tone" of mean old Democratic bloggers and I have to chuckle at the complete lack of self-awareness on their part. Maybe Republican bloggers should worry more about their behavior before elections, then they'd have less to regret after elections. And maybe then the sight of Democrats dancing in the streets wouldn't be quite so hard to bear.

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