Sunday, October 19, 2008

You stay classy, Republicans . . .

The Republican Party is out win friends and influence people the old fashioned way:
My Obama magnet is pretty big and white. It's a huge rectangle one my friend J. got from Obamazen for my birthday.

And I also have a lovely blue Joe Biden sticker on my window, courtesy of the event I went to last week. In fact, the lady gave me a roll of them to distribute to friends and family. Both my kids have them on their backpacks, although sadly I think I'll be taking them off.

So, I went to the drug store this morning to buy..well..stuff you buy at drug stores when some lady noticed the magnet and sticker and complimented me on it. I told her I had more stickers and when she asked if she could have one, I gave her ten to give out to friends. (I have, like, 100.) Then two skateboarders rolled by and they asked for a few.

It was a good start to a good day. I went into the drugstore, bought what I needed, went back to my car and a guy approaches my car and without saying one word spits in my face.
If the Republican Party continues this kind of outreach I don't think Democrats will have to worry about future electoral challenges from the GOP.

You stay classy, Republican Party, you stay classy.

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