Monday, October 06, 2008

Sarah Palin pals around with people who threaten our nation

Sarah Palin and her husband Todd Palin have palled around with people who want to dismember the United States.

Supporting the Alaska Independence Party is a betrayal of the United States.


JTylerBallance said...

Palin is dangerously stupid.

Worse yet, she has a proven record of being vindictive and misusing State power to wreak vengeance on personal and political enemies.

Anyone who doesn't acknowledge Palin's obvious and fatal flaws at this point is so clueless that they are likely a danger to themselves and society.

When we see otherwise solid citizens in the Republican ranks disregarding their better judgment and supporting this late-term abortion of a national ticket, one can conclude that those folks have become much like the Bath Party members who supported Saddam in Iraq; willing to ignore any abuse, any malfeasance, just to maintain their own status in the Party and to support the status quo, that few are willing to speak-out, even when the Party has made an egregious error.

The best that Republicans can do at this point is to begin planning to select a higher quality ticket with libertarian-Republican candidates for 2012.

After November, we will have four years of, "The Obama."

For all of our sakes, let's hope he does better than, "The W."

James Young said...

Even if true, let's compare it with a candidate who "pals around" which people who have ACTUALLY ATTACKED the United States.

No wonder you want to smear Palin.

The Richmond Democrat said...

Well James, as you very well know, Barack Obama has never "palled around" with Ayres. That story has been thoroughly debunked.

Sarah Palin really is married to a former member of the AIP, she may be a member herself, she has paid tribute to their annual meetings and actively sought their support while encouraging them in their mission to break up the United States.

My story is true, it isn't a smear. Your story is false, and is a smear.

Honestly James, I expect of you than bald-faced lies.