Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A request from the Richmond Obama office

The Richmond Obama office is urgently requesting help feeding campaign workers and volunteers.
As the Obama campaign organization grows in Virginia, the need is alsogrowing for meals or parts of meals for 35-50 staff and volunteers tokeep them in the office and cranking toward victory! Don't feel anyobligation, but meals are needed three times a day (breakfast, lunchand dinner) at the Campaign for Change Virginia Headquarters at 1208West Marshall now until Election Day.

A "Meals Schedule" document has been posted online and can be accessedby anyone and enables you to sign up to provide meals or parts ofmeals and related supplies. The document is called "Campaign forChange - Meals Schedule" and it can be found at the following webaddress:


It's not an attachment -- it's stored online at GoogleDocs. To openthis document, just click the link above or cut and paste it into abrowser. Feel free to start using it and sign up if there is a time ortimes each week that you or someone you know would like to provide ameal or part of a meal or supplies.

You can email or call me at adrienne@brandsync.com or (804) 516-6634if prefer to not use the document or if you have any questions. Youcan also contact me to make arrangements if you want to contribute $towards meals. Please call or email Tanisa Kirkland at the contactinfo below before you come to Campaign for Change Headquarters at 1208W. Marshall to drop off meals.

Please also forward this message or contact anyone who may be willingto help the campaign in this very important way. Thank you! Adrienne PS Please pardon any duplicate emails - it's all for Barack!

Tanisa Kirkland Campaign for Change 1208 W. Marshall St. Richmond, VA804.519.5033 804.304.7972 t.kirkland@vaobamaforchange.com
Providing food service to a campaign is a great way to volunteer for a campaign for people who can't spare a block of hours to volunteer in person. Stay-at-home parents can cook a big batch of something and drop it off at Obama headquarters.

Some inexpensive ideas:
  • Baked pasta dishes like spaghetti or lasagna
  • Baked chicken
  • A pan of hot dogs with rolls and fixings
  • A pan of home made barbecue with rolls
  • A big chef salad
  • Breakfast casserole
  • A big tray of Virginia ham biscuits
  • Quiche
  • Red beans and rice with sausage link
  • Vegetarian red beans and rice
  • Casseroles

It's a good idea to use recyclable disposable aluminum pans so you can just drop your food donation off without worrying about having to go back and get your dishes. Let's show the Obama campaign some Richmond hospitality!

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