Thursday, October 16, 2008

The ground game begins!

Those of us who are veterans of a few elections in Virginia know that about two weeks before the actual election the "ground game" kicks in. It's time to seek out a local Obama office in Virginia and begin volunteering your time. Making phone calls, putting together yard signs, registering new voters, and many other tasks need to get done. Maybe you aren't the best telephone speaker: offices need people to run errands and clean and organize. Maybe you can't spare a big block of hours at an office site: you can cook and donate food to help campaign workers and volunteers keep going as they work marathon shifts. Get involved! Work for your Democracy!

On election day the Democratic Party will need people to work the polls. Don't put this off! Make a commitment: contact the Virginia Precinct Teams site and volunteer! Just click on the graphic below to get started.

Here's a partial list of Obama campaign offices in Virginia: more are opening all the time.

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