Monday, September 22, 2008

Wildlife advocacy group slams Palin for cruelty to animals

This advertisement takes on the stomach churning cruelty of hunting practices actively promoted by Sarah Palin.

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morriccie said...

Sarah Palin you are a monster. Animals are a part of our ecosystem, get some education. Idoits riding around in some aircraft taking pop shots at wolves and bears. In most states, causing an animal “unnecessary suffering” is illegal, have you made this sport legal in your state Sarah? Can you eat them, are they feeding a starving family, I doubt it. Can you justify the useless sport of putting holes in an animal and leaving them to die an agonizing death? Killing and using ignorant excuses such as population control is bunk. Animals have their own natural way of population control and it far less cruel than shoting them and leaving them to die in the frozen and then their families die because you took out their meal hunter...good job, your great, makes me wonder how cold your heart is and how you sleep at night.