Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Video evidence Palin is lying about her "Bridge to Nowhere" role

This video makes it obvious that Sarah Palin is lying about her "Bridge to Nowhere" role.

If Sarah Palin is willing to lie about the "Bridge to Nowhere," is she fit to be vice president of the United States? It's a simple question of character and honesty. We don't need another Republican administration that lies about everything and refuses to take responsibiulity.

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Alter of Freedom said...

If Joe Biden is willing to plagerize is he suitable to be VP.

If Barack Obama is willing to flip flop on Coal as he has countless times before the pressure of the far left environmentalist as his record bears out; i was for clean coal before I was against it should he be President

If John McCain was for immigration reform before now where it appears he is against it should he be President

Wait, where we we exactly. Welcome to the new reality of politics. The only more humorous than you belief that Obama will change Washington is the belief that McCain will change it.