Thursday, September 04, 2008

Single best review of the Palin speech I have seen

I stumbled over this diary at Daily Kos, and it really is the best review of Sarah Palin's first big speech that I have seen. Daily Kos diarist "Niaman" calls Palin's speech a "treasure trove" for Democrats.
There are a few conclusions I came to after listening to Governor Palin's speech at the RNC. It was a well delivered speech. It was almost entirely devoid of substance. It was a mean spirited speech. On the basis of these last two conclusions, I would call it a small speech. Lastly it was a treasure trove of gifts to the Obama campaign. From its tone to its content, virtually everything in the speech can be turned against the McCain Palin ticket. It is almost a roadmap.
I strongly agree with this point. The falsehoods she told have provided fodder for many attack ads. On Palin's delivery:
Governor Palin does not have a great speaking voice, but she has learned how to use it effectively. She speaks slowly, does not shout and uses an almost conversational tone. This works well for her. On the other hand, when she does speed up or raise her voice, it is very irritating.
I have found this to be especially true. I find Palin's voice to be very grating, even her speaking voice, but I may be in the minority there.

This diary, "The Speech is a Treasure Trove," is must reading for Democrats and for reporters who want a well-written, well thought out Democratic response to Sarah Palin's first big speech as the Republican Party's vice presidential candidate. Most Republicans will want to stay away, as it will only hurt your already bruised feelings.

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