Monday, September 01, 2008

Sarah Palin lawyers up in connection with Wootengate scandal

The scandals surrounding Sarah Palin continue to intensify. Now Palin has hired a lawyer in connection with Wootengate (also known as Troopergate) abuse of power investigation. There are now at least three or four major scandals surrounding Palin only 72 hours after McCain named her his running mate.

Is it time to begin a Sarah Palin resignation watch?

I wonder how Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty feel right now?

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Dan Geroe said...

The Media is tragic. THIS, the Troopergate thing, is the real story. I'm totally in agreement with Senator Obama that the Palin family issues are just that, family issues. But this corruption scandal IS a major issue. And the media is ignoring it until they are certain that she was involved. You know what? Nobody will be certain of jack sh*t unless these assh*les actually investigate! They let the National Enquirer makes fools out of the MSM, now they're doing it again. Step up and be the watchdog, media. Stop being tools for the status quo.