Friday, September 19, 2008

Ron Paul will not endorse John McCain

Bonus fact: Phil Gramm is still hard at work for the McCain campaign.

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JTylerBallance said...

Dr. Ron Paul is a good Republican; the best kind, in my humble opinion, not because he won't endorse McCain and that sleezy Palin, but the REASONS for his choice not to endorse.

Ron Paul knows that Sarah Palin is creepy and a facist-style Republican who holds herself above the laws which she wields over Alaskans, as though they were so many serfs.

Ron Paul can see that Palin, who admitted to using illegal wire-tapping and acting as a voyeur against her on in-laws, would happily abuse the civil liberties of all Americans.

In the latest ironic twist, Sarah Palin, who was quick to abuse State power to spy on others, is now the "victim" of having her Yahoo email account hacked. The kicker is that, THE REASON she was using the Yahoo account was to subvert laws that require government emails to be recorded and therefore subject to subpoena. The big concern for Palin sycophants now is how much government business and what other embarrassing information the hacker was able to read and record.

Had Ron Paul been the nominee for President or even VP, we would be seeing a renewed commitment by the Republican side to reign-in the government and to end domestic spying. However, with McCain-Palin, the citizens can expect not merely a continuance of the Bush domestic spying, but a wholesale increase in a McCain-Palin Administration's use of our National spying apparatus against the citizens; especially those deemed to be political enemies.