Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Republican icon Linwood Holton endorses Barack Obama!

According to The Richmond Times Dispatch:
Former Republican Gov. Linwood Holton and his daughter, first lady Anne Holton, will campaign for Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama in Southwest Virginia tomorrow and Tuesday.

Anne Holton is the wife of Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, a Democrat who is national co-chairman of the Obama campaign.

Holton was Virginia's first Republican governor since Reconstruction when elected in 1969. In recent years, he has mostly backed Democratic candidates.[1]
Hmmm, prominent Virginia Republicans are endorsing Barack Obama and Mark Warner this year . . . which party is divided? Which party is having unity problems? Hmmm? Could it be . . . ? Maybe a party that begins witht eh letter "R"? Hmmm, maybe . . . yeah?

1 comment:

James Young said...

Linwood Holton is less of a Republican than Joe Lieberman is a Democrat.

And considerably less relevant.