Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Packed Ron Paul rally dwarfs Republican National Convention

Ron Paul gave his key note address tonight to a packed, enthusiastic house in St. Paul, Minnesota:
The campaign sold 10,320 tickets to the rally, priced at $17.76, and it gave away about another 1,000 at the door. The event took place at the Target center in Minneapolis, the same arena that will host Rage Against the Machine on Wednesday.
So a little more than 11,000 attended. The Republican convention was half empty.

Now let me think, maybe 50 PUMAs showed up in Denver, but it was all PUMA all the time until Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton spoke.

It's the Republican Party that's badly divided my friends, not the Democratic Party. Want proof? The Republican Party has severely limited Ron Paul's access to the Republican National Convention:
Earlier Tuesday, Paul said he was told he could go to the Republican convention floor, but only under very restricted conditions.

The Republican National Committee told Paul he would have to pick up his pass at the gate and couldn't have any guests.

"Republican congressmen should have a pass to the floor, but they said, 'Your pass will be at the gate, and we'll pick it up when you leave, and you can't take anybody with you,' " he said on CNN's "American Morning."
Bill and Hillary were major speakers at the Democratic Convention and receieved thunderous applause. Ron Paul can only attend the RNC "under very restricted conditions."

Now tell me again which party is divided.

Read the complete story at "Thousands rally at Ron Paul convention."


Alter of Freedom said...

Thats a bit absurb. Paul got how many votes in the GOP primary exactly?

To say there is division based on the Target center is ridiculous. If you ever have known a Ron Paul supporter than are typically Rep-lite and more libertarian.

Ross Perot got more votes back in the 90's than a Ron Paul candidacy for Presdident would get on the national level today. I admore the fact that got the Target center packed but in reality ist not a force in the Party.

Now Hillary Clinton was and/is a real force in the democrat Party. If she ran onan independent ticket, would she not split the democratic plurality. Thats impact; Ron Paul is not.

The Richmond Democrat said...

The difference between the Ron Paul split and the Hillary Clinton split, is that the Ron Paul split is real. If Paul (or Barr) can peel off 2-3% of McCain's support, the the Republican candidate is doomed.

11,000+ activists might just pull that off. The stories about PUMAs were revealed to be bogus once people realized that there were about sixty of them and they raised less than $70,000 in total.

Ron Paul has an army of hard core activists and a significant war chest. While I agree with you that his faction is much smaller than Hillary's, he represents a much greater risk to the Republican Party.

Hillary and Bill showed at our convention that they will be a huge asset to Obama. Ron Paul will be a thorn in your side.