Tuesday, September 30, 2008

McCain is already a lame duck!

After "suspending" his campaign and inserting himself into negotiations for a financial resuce bill, John McCain failed to deliver the Republican votes necessary to pass a compromise bill.

Honorable mention: Eric Cantor has been working to undermine John Boehner, hoping to replace Boehner as minority leader next year. Cantor himself ultimately voted for the bill, but not before he spread a spirit of disloyalty among the Republican back benchers in the House.

The Republicans' accusations about Nancy Pelosi's speech as the reason they refused to vote for the rescue bill are just silly. Pelosi's re-election is not at risk. She will be re-elected to her own seat in the House in November and the Speakership next year. The Republicans' actions hurt Pelosi not at all. Almost all the damage done was done to John McCain's crumbling presidential campaign and the stock markets.

Whining about Nancy Pelosi will not save the Republican Party.

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